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When all else fails...write.

I wish to be in disguise. I'd watch you go about your day. I'd come closer when I felt you needed a distraction. I know your heart grows tired. I've watched you fight for what it right. I've watched you mourn for what is lost. You shouldn't know this kind of pain. Your heart is mine and I'm going to protect it. I'd do my best to distract you from your troubles. I'd guide you to a quiet place where you can sit and think. I'd show you beauty you'd never forget. I wouldn't disturb you for a second.
My mind breaks me down. Thoughts running through a slot machine that never stops with no way out. She helps me free them. I won't go crazy. I remember what it felt like. Feels like so long ago that I felt that way. So angry. So sad. So lost. I'd scream, shout, and cry. I felt so much guilt. Each day I wouldn't change. Each day I took advantage of what was good. I cried for the time that I was wasting.
But no more. I will finally see the end result. I'll make it through this bout of evil. I'm tired. I'll be free. Free from the chains that have weighed me down. My thoughts will escape me because they'll have no where else to go. I'm going to win.